Dance Expressions Competition


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Here's what they're saying...


Bucks County School of the Performing Arts

Pure Performance an amazing experience! This event is unlike any other. The live critiques from their talented faculty was invaluable. The professional, supportive and constructive environment, furthers the training that my dance company needs. Adds tremendous value to our team.


Gus Giordano Chicago Company Member

Pure Performance …as a gus giordano alumus, I’ve performed with the company at the jazz dance world congress for years. I have seen the positive effects that a non-competitive atmosphere can create.  Pure performance encourages dancers to strip away their ego and feel comfortable with themselves and others around them. This results in an expanded dance vocabulary.  Instead of an award ceremony, pure performance praises hard work and great dance with…more dancing!  They are the real deal! It’s about the experience not the possession.


Miss Autumns Dance Class

Pure Performance  we had a great weekend. It was an eye opening experience for experienced students. It was exactly what I wanted them to see. They are already talking about next year. I absolutely loved the teachers. Each one of them were so inspiring and energetic. They brought such stong lessons to the students


L.A. Dance Galaxy

Dance Expressions…..Extremely professional and a very well organized event. The staff is kind, patient and helpful.  Thanks for being on time and even a little ahead of schedule!


Grace Kelly Studio

Dance expressions….After attending dance expressions for many years, first as a performer and now as a studio owner, I have found your competition to be extremely fair. My parents love attending because it’s run so smoothly.


Dance Parent

Dance Expressions…as a dance parent, dance expressions is all about the kids. It’s evident from the moment you walk through the door. My daughter loved the gift card giveways. The best thing…it’s only one day!